Here are the wonderful people who have donated so far:

Michelle Passerotti
Paola Noelle Loot 
Lim Family 
Miguel Avila
Vicky Lee
Teresa Maria Ribano
Chelo Songco
Christian Harris Septimo
Edralin Nanquil 
Maria Josefelisa Dy
Mart Gil
Janice Ll.
Neva S.
Manfred & Emi
Ong Family
Jeffrey S.
Cheryl Bailey-Kroll
Fabrizio C.
D&G World
Horowitz Family
Luis O.
Natalie L.
Fernando Sal
Emily C.
Omolola L.
Tarah Jan Anonuevo 
Abigail Joy Laguerta
Aits Family mommies:
Christine Maza-Guarin
Philane Davies-Ponio
Ivy Arago
Gina Aldemita
Cielo Santos
Michelle Resonable

Martine De Luna
Mariliese Enriquez  

Nerissa Aquino
Ofelia Santos
justine,yasuo,jo anh,celyn,elaine,rudy,grace,loren,)

Thank you for your support.


  1. I'll include Anika in my prayers. I'm sorry I don't have money to help you with.

  2. I just saw this post from my friend on Fb.. I hope she'll do better.. I can't offer donations now since I'm still a student.. as of now what I can offer is Prayers for Anika.. I saw the pictures and she looks happy and very energetic.. and like what you've said she's perfect.. She doesn't deserve that condition.. God will provide.. I hope she'll get an operation right away.. Godbless your family especially Anika ü and I hope more people will be able to see this blog and help Anika..

  3. Thank you for your kind prayers and wishes for Anika!

  4. This site as of now had over 14,000 visits, if each of the visitor donated only 1 USD Anika'd have all the amount and more! Please donate and raise awareness, even 1 dollar makes a difference!